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CHRISTOPHER A. COLUCCIO has gained great experience and familiarity in many areas of the law over the past two decades. Mr. Coluccio has taken this knowledge and used it to his Clients' advantage in project after project, and in case after case.

From negotiating and drafting multi-million dollar deals, to assisting in the litigation of multi-million dollar lawsuits, or to simply helping out his community neighbors in their simple estate planning, Mr. Coluccio serves both the large and small client.

Mr. Coluccio's practice concentrates on offering legal services in a variety of areas at a cost that is lower than many other attorneys in the Seattle area. He can do this by keeping his overhead low and making use of technology and other resources not available in past years.

Since no one attorney can be an expert in all areas of the law, should a client matter involve an area of law outside the scope of Mr. Coluccio's practice, often outside counsel will be partnered with Mr. Coluccio for that particular case or business matter. With this approach, the Client maintains the trust, insight and reasonable fees of their primary attorney, while gaining the expertise of a powerhouse lawyer who concentrates in a particular area of law applicable to the Client.

The client does not have to choose between (1) jumping from attorney to attorney as each new matter arises, or (2) having to employ, the higher priced, one-firm-might-do-it-all, mega-law firm.

Again, the Client wins.

For information pertaining to a specific practice area of Christopher A. Coluccio, please select from the following categories: business, contracts, litigation, or estate planning.


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