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Although litigation is not the primary focus of Christopher A. Coluccio's practice, assisting his trial lawyer colleagues in court arguments and presentations, legal research, drafting court documents, strategizing and other matters critical to pursuing a successful lawsuit, is an important part of Mr. Coluccio's practice. Prior to beginning his firm, Mr. Coluccio's primary focus was litigation. This involved court arguments, motions, pleadings and brief preparation, taking depositions, and other lawsuit duties.

Mr. Coluccio can practice before all State trial and appellate courts in Washington and Oregon. He also is admitted to the Federal District Court for the Western District of Washington.

He has represented clients in disputes ranging from multi-million dollar lawsuits, involving complex commercial laws and trials, to simple collection matters or neighbor disputes.

Although litigation is sometimes required to resolve disputes, Mr. Coluccio tries in most cases, and depending on the circumstances to settle the dispute by less expensive and less time consuming means.

Sometimes this requires using arbitration, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution procedures to attempt resolving a dispute or problem. Sometimes it means simply negotiating from the strongest possible position he can put his client in to settle the matter.

Getting out of disruptive disputes, and back to business, is where his clients want to be. It is where the Law Offices of Christopher A. Coluccio, PLLC aims to put them.


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