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CHRISTOPHER A. COLUCCIO has been reviewing, negotiating, challenging, defending and drafting agreements throughout his career. Mr. Coluccio's experience is well diversified and has involved agreements where the amount at stake exceeded $100 Million.

Reviewing an agreement is much more than simply reading the document. Drafting an agreement or provisions of it, is much more than writing one's thoughts down, or relying on standard forms.

Depending on the level of analysis required for the situation, Mr. Coluccio must grasp the intention of the parties, and be an advocate for his Client's position. The surrounding circumstances are very important, and the parties dealing history or the industry custom can play a role in the preparation, interpretation or analysis of the document.

There is more.

Mr. Coluccio must carefully assess the legal meaning of each word and the structure of the document components. How the various parts of the document fit together is key. What is left out, can be devastating or beneficial. What is left in, can be devastating or beneficial. Striking a proper mix of contract components depends on the goals of the Client, the atmosphere of any negotiations, and often, financial, business and risk management issues.

Hidden impacts of remote statutes, case law and/or other legal authority may also impact an agreement. In many instances performing legal research is required for analyzing esoteric issues or verifying important terms and conditions of an agreement.

Only through much experience, can an attorney identify potential issues, and review and draft an adequate agreement to meet the requirements of his Client.

If either challenging, or defending a contract, is required, Mr. Coluccio has been there. Through a critique of the document's language, outside applicable law, and the surrounding circumstances in creating and performing the agreement, Mr. Coluccio can assess the chances of a successful fight, usually in advance for the Client.

If negotiation is required, whether for a proposed contract or one in dispute, experience is also required.

The strength of the Client's bargaining power, the psychology of the parties and attorneys involved, and more, are all elements that may become relevant in a negotiation. Mr. Coluccio has dealt with the tough negotiators throughout his years of practice.

The following is a sampling of the various Agreements Mr. Coluccio has reviewed, interpreted, drafted, studied, negotiated, challenged and/or defended. The dollar amounts involved ranged from zero to OVER $100,000,000.00.

Material Supplier Agreements

Subcontract Agreements

Insurance Policies

Construction Contracts with Project Owner

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements and Other Property Documents and Agreements


Inheritance Agreements

Commercial Equipment Purchase and Sale Agreements

Commercial Leases or Rental Agreements

Residential Leases or Rental Agreements

Releases and Settlement Agreements

Litigation Stipulations and Agreements

Municipal Contracts with Cities and Counties

Shareholder Agreements

Limited Liability Company Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Employment Agreements

Collective Bargaining / Union Agreements

Loan and Security Agreements

Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements

Non-Compete Agreements

Community Property Agreements

Consulting Agreements

Software Re-Sell Agreements

Software License Agreements

For any specific inquiry as to Mr. Coluccio's availability with respect to a contract matter or dispute, please feel free to call the office at (206) 575-0123. PLEASE do not send any agreements to the office, as the firm must first decide whether or not to accept the matter. If accepted, administrative paperwork must first be completed. Any unsolicited agreements or other documents sent may not be returned and may be destroyed at the law firm's discretion. 


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