Attorney Fees and Costs

An ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure.

Offering affordable legal services is a priority at the Law Offices of Christopher A. Coluccio, PLLC.

All too often people and businesses both small and large are scared away from seeking much needed legal services because they fear that they cannot afford an attorney's services. This is a risk we do not think you should take.

Christopher A. Coluccio tries to reduce this fear for his clients. He does this by attempting up front to estimate the cost of any particular service, project or case. If such an opinion is not possible, Mr. Coluccio will attempt to keep the Client periodically informed as to potential fees.

For some services, such as for Wills and Trust drafting, a fixed fee (as opposed to an hourly fee) can be charged. For adversarial disputes and cases, Mr. Coluccio attempts up front to give the client or potential client an idea of the costs, risks and rewards associated with the particular dispute or case.

Most importantly, Christopher A. Coluccio's hourly fees are lower than many (not all) other law firms in the Seattle area.*

Furthermore, additional DISCOUNTS are offered to SENIOR CITIZENS, VOLUME CLIENTS and OTHERS, from time to time.

Mr. Coluccio can offer more attractive fees than other lawyers, because he keeps his overhead lower than many of his colleagues.* In addition he tries to make the most out of technological advances and resources, not available in past years. This saves time and money.

These savings are passed onto the Client. 

If you tell us your budget for a particular matter or case, we will tell you what we can do for you within that budget.

Before accepting a new client, the client will be given specific fee information. This information, and the other terms and conditions of the attorney/client relationship are explained in an Agreement for Legal Services (that is a document that must be signed by the attorney and client prior to becoming a new client).

*This information is based on an informal, non-scientific study, and is to be considered only as a non-binding opinion. It is not intended to be a representation or to be relied-upon in any way. Although these statements are believed to be accurate, you should verify this information by your own means and to your own satisfaction. There might be other attorneys with similar or more experience with lower fees or costs than Christopher A. Coluccio. Attorney fees pay for attorney time, and does not include reimbursable costs, such as photocopies, messenger services, etc. Costs are charged at or about market rates.


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