The areas of law identified on this page constitute the primary focus of Christopher A. Coluccio's business law practice. They are diverse in legal principles, techniques and people involved.

In general, transactional work or the business law work in Mr. Coluccio's practice involves that legal work involving specific commercial transactions, corporate and business disputes and issues, contract preparation, and other activities, not primarily involving litigation or court activity.

A brief sampling of the practice areas of the law firm follows:

Contract reviewing, drafting, negotiation, challenging and defending is a large part of Mr. Coluccio's practice. Contracts are intertwined throughout many aspects of business law, commercial law and other transactional work. For a summary of Mr. Coluccio's experience in this area and for a list of specific contract matters he has dealt with, please see the Contracts category.

Construction Law.
 Mr. Coluccio has a substantial background not only in construction law, but also in the industry itself. His family owns one of the largest underground construction firms in the Pacific Northwest, Coluccio Construction. 

Christopher A. Coluccio has drafted, enforced and defended complex construction agreements, and has dealt with a wide variety of legal matters, disputes and issues in the industry. These include complex bid protests, bonding issues, insurance, contractor qualification matters, minority and woman enterprise programs, public works projects, design-build projects, zoning laws, permit laws, lien laws, and many other aspects of construction law.

Corporate Law. 
Mr. Coluccio drafts and develops corporate and other documents and plans for his business clients. He has incorporated clients, drafted and/or negotiated bylaws, corporate resolutions, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, LLC agreements and a variety of other documents to assist his clients in their business planning.

E-Commerce and Computer Law. 
Advising Mr. Coluccio's software developer and other high-tech clients is a part of the firm's practice. This is a complex and fast changing area of the law. It involves licensing agreements, technical consulting agreements, intellectual property issues, internet issues, and other diverse legal areas of the New Economy. 

Employment Law. 
For those clients that need guidance on employment matters, the Law Offices of Christopher A. Coluccio, PLLC can help. Christopher A. Coluccio has dealt with employment and labor issues throughout his years of practice. He has defended union grievances, drafted employee policies, drafted employee drug testing programs, and handled a variety of employee-related matters.

In addition to these practice areas, Mr. Coluccio has experience in other areas as well including purchase and sale dealings, real estate transactions, leasing arrangements, software licensing transactions, and much more.

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