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The Law Offices of Christopher A. Coluccio, PLLC takes pride in offering its community and clients with affordable and important estate planning. 

Mr. Coluccio strives to educate his clients on the need for at least some estate planning, as well as on the importance of putting the plan into action. If complex or specialized tax or other issues are involved, Mr. Coluccio may offer a referral for the client or may work with outside consultants on the matter.

For many individuals, however, at least having a Will, a Durable Power of Attorney, and a Health Care Directive (also known as a Living Will among other names) is critical. Often insurance, property agreements and other planning tools are also a part of Mr. Coluccio's recommendations to his clients.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population has failed to procure these or other crucial estate planning documents and advice. Whether or not they know it, not having the proper planning in place may cause substantial problems, much turmoil to loved-ones, and be very costly in the long run.

Mr. Coluccio offers estate-planning packages at fixed rates, or he can counsel his clients on a reasonable hourly basis.

Offering important, advice and peace of mind for the client is Mr. Coluccio's plan in his estate planning practice.


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